It is all about ROI! “Return On Innovation”

AI enables us to build amazing software that can improve health care, enable people to overcome physical disadvantages, empower smart infrastructure, create incredible entertainment experiences, and even save the planet!

Watch the following video to see some ways that AI can be used. (Source Microsoft)

AI video


What is AI? Simply put, AI is software that imitates human behaviors and capabilities. Key workloads include:


  • Machine learning – This is often the foundation for an AI system, and is the way we “teach” a computer model to make predictions and draw conclusions from data.
  • Computer vision – Capabilities within AI to interpret the world visually through cameras, video, and images.
  • Natural language processing – Capabilities within AI for a computer to interpret written or spoken language, and respond in kind.
  • Document intelligence – Capabilities within AI that deal with managing, processing, and using high volumes of data found in forms and documents.
  • Knowledge mining – Capabilities within AI to extract information from large volumes of often unstructured data to create a searchable knowledge store.
  • Generative AI – Capabilities within AI that create original content in a variety of formats including natural language, image, code, and more.


Our Solutions:

  1. Identify AI Use Cases with your employees, customers and suppliers through AI Ideation Campaigns (AI-deation) TM
  2. Design and development of AI prototypes with AI Builder
  3. AI-Professionals for learning, courses, workshops and job vacancies


Do your employees have a lot of professional knowledge and know-how, but do you have difficulty securing this knowledge in the AI innovation process? Then you run the risk that this valuable knowledge is lost without adequate transfer after employees leave the company. An AI-deation is the means to generate ideas and concepts from your stakeholder community by allowing them to participate in innovation issues offline, online and/or mobile. We believe in the power of crowdsourcing and help you set up your AI-deation platform.

AI Prototype Builder

AI Builder is a Platform capability that helps you improve your business performance by automating processes and predicting outcomes. By using AI Builder, you can quickly bring AI to your apps and flows that connect to your business data that is stored in the underlying data platform or in various cloud data sources.

AI models that you create in AI Builder can help provide intelligence to enhance your business. AI Builder simplifies the AI creation experience by giving people with any level of technical skill the ability to add AI capabilities to their apps and flows without writing code. AI Builder also provides prebuilt AI models, where you don’t need to gather data to build and train the model. You can start to use the intelligence right away.

AI Professionals

To start building AI in your organization, you will need to get acquainted with what this technology offers, how it works, and how it can help you and your business. All AI practices and products we discuss follow responsible AI principles.

Our AI Experts help to:

  • Get familiar with available AI tools and approaches.
  • Understand basic AI terminology and practices.
  • How to use prebuilt AI to build intelligent applications.
  • Identify AI use cases.If you’re looking for an AI Expert please CONTACT US or publish your assignment or job FOR FREE on our jobboard for AI Professionals


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